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Test Your Inmarsat Satellite Phone

Test Your Inmarsat Satellite Phone

Test Your Inmarsat Satellite Phone

Make sure you regularly test your IsatPhone 2 by following these four easy steps:

  1. Extend the antenna upwards
  2. Wait until ‘Ready for service’ is displayed
  3. Dial full number, including international code
  4. Press green button to call

To test your IsatPhone 2 free of charge, please dial +870 776 999 999.

Importance of Testing Your Phone Regularly

Regularly testing your satellite phone is of paramount importance to ensure its proper operation, particularly because these devices often serve as a critical lifeline in remote or emergency situations. Here are several key reasons why routine testing is essential:

1. Verification of Functionality

  • Battery Life: One of the primary reasons for regular testing is to ensure that the battery is holding a charge properly. Over time, batteries can degrade, and knowing the current state of your battery can prevent being caught off guard when you need the phone most.
  • Signal Strength: Testing your satellite phone allows you to check the signal strength in various locations. Satellite phones require a clear line of sight to the sky, and regular testing can help you understand the best places to use your phone.
  • Software Updates: Manufacturers periodically release software updates to improve performance, fix bugs, and enhance security. Regular testing can ensure that your phone’s software is up-to-date, which can be critical for its reliable operation.

2. Familiarity with Device

  • User Proficiency: Regular use helps you become more familiar with the phone’s functions and features. In an emergency, this familiarity can save valuable time and reduce stress, as you won’t be struggling to understand how to operate the device.
  • Troubleshooting: Regular testing can help you identify and resolve any issues before they become serious problems. For example, if the phone doesn’t connect properly or if there’s a problem with the SIM card, you can address these issues during routine checks rather than during an emergency.

3. Prevention of Malfunctions

  • Detection of Hardware Issues: Regular testing can help detect hardware problems such as faulty antennas or damaged connectors. Identifying these issues early can prevent failures when the phone is needed most.
  • Environmental Wear and Tear: Satellite phones are often used in harsh environments. Regular checks can help identify any wear and tear from environmental exposure, such as corrosion or physical damage, ensuring the phone remains in good working condition.

4. Ensuring Reliability in Emergencies

  • Life-Saving Communication: In life-threatening situations, reliable communication can be the difference between safety and danger. Regularly tested phones are more likely to function correctly when needed, ensuring you can contact emergency services, coordinate rescues, or stay in touch with loved ones.
  • Confidence and Peace of Mind: Knowing that your satellite phone is in good working condition provides peace of mind. You can be confident that, should an emergency arise, you have a reliable means of communication.

5. Compliance and Preparedness

  • Regulatory Compliance: In some industries, regular testing of communication equipment, including satellite phones, is required by law or regulation. Ensuring compliance can avoid legal issues and penalties.
  • Preparedness Drills: For organizations and teams, regular testing can be part of preparedness drills, ensuring that everyone knows how to use the phone and that the equipment is integrated into emergency response plans effectively.

6. Optimizing Performance

  • Performance Testing: Regular use can help you understand the optimal conditions for your phone’s performance, such as the best locations for signal reception or the most efficient way to use the battery.
  • Customizing Settings: Regularly testing your satellite phone allows you to customize settings to your preferences and needs, making it easier to use in an emergency.


In summary, regularly testing your satellite phone is a critical practice to ensure it operates correctly and reliably. It helps verify the functionality of essential components, familiarizes you with the device’s operation, prevents potential malfunctions, ensures reliable communication during emergencies, and complies with regulatory requirements.

By integrating routine testing into your preparedness routine, you can ensure that your satellite phone remains a dependable tool, ready to provide crucial communication when you need it most.

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