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Welcome to the Apollo Loyalty Rewards Program. 

LEO LEVEL: Earn 2% or 2 Points for every $1.00 you spend.
Low Earth Orbit, The low earth orbit is the most populous and most accessible realm of all. More than 800 satellites are currently in orbit in the Low-Earth region. The most popular of these is the International Space Station and the Iridium network of communication satellites.

MEO LEVEL: Earn 3% or 3 Points for every $1.00 you spend.
Medium Earth Orbit, also known as the Intermediate Circular Orbit includes all orbits above low-earth orbit and below geostationary orbit are said to be in medium-earth orbit. To be precise, MEO extends from 2000km and ends right below 35,786km.

GEO LEVEL: Earn 4% or 4 Points for every $1.00 you spend.
the geostationary orbit is a unique area in the space around our planet. It is located at a very precise altitude and has a circular orbit. Additionally, this orbit is always circular. Satellites in this orbit appear stationary from Earth. Clarke’s Orbit is another name for the GEO. Altitude = 35,786km | Orbital period: All satellites in this orbit have an orbital period equal to Earth’s rotational period i.e. 24 hours.

HEO LEVEL: Earn 5% or 5 Points for every $1.00 you spend.
Any orbit beyond the geostationary orbit is known as high earth orbit. High earth orbit is loosely attributed to any orbit beyond 35,786km. High Earth Orbit has the same abbreviation as Highly Elliptical Orbit. These two orbits may not necessarily be the same. A highly elliptical orbit may be considered a high earth orbit at its apogee.

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